Fire RID Plus Automatic Fire Extinguisher

FireRID Fire Extinguisher Fire Extinguisher Product For Electrical Fire

Fire RID Plus Automatic Fire Extinguisher

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Fire RID+ is an automatic fire extinguisher, especially developers as a part of a fire protection system for professional electrical equipment, like transformers, coils, electric motors, and other devices. but can also protect IT services and other sensitive IT equipment without collateral damages. It can also be used in manufacturing plants to protect machines with electric motors and electronic control units.

It activates and extinguishes fire when the solution reaches the temperature of 84'C.

Fir RD+ way of using

The glass ampule automatically bursts/open the dispersed solution instantly extinguishes the fire and eliminates smoke in extinguishing area practically without collateral damages.

The solution remains on the extinguished surfaces as a coating which prevents

Technical Specifications

Classes of Fire A, B, C, F, and Electrical Devices
Protected are Up to 16 m³
Operating Temp 84 °C
Storage Temp ‐20 °C to 70 °C
Volume 580 ML Active Solution
Material Glass (Ampoule), Tin (Holder)
Product shelf life 10 Year
Automatic Activation

This top-of-the-range fire extinguisher has distinct features like automatic fire activation. This means that whether or not you are present in case of a fire breakout, FireRID detects a fire due to the temperature rise. It instantly bursts open dispersing the liquid and inhibits the fire.

10 Years Warranty

FireRID provides its customers with a 10-year warranty so they do not have to worry about investing their hard-earned money in a fire extinguisher without reaping any benefits.

No Maintenance

FireRID extinguisher does not require any kind of maintenance. The extinguisher retains its quality over the years, so customers can stay stress-free and install it without hassle. All these amazing benefits make FireRID a must-have fire extinguisher on your premises.