About us

THINK FIRE, and it is painful for a family and business. Causes of FIRE could be anything, but the devastation is the same across the Globe. A small fire is enough to create irrecoverable damage. Bluescope has thought about fire damage and wishes if there could be an efficient fire extinguisher, then it could be made available for our fellow citizens to save a life, collateral, and the environment.

The company succeeded in its wish and found FIRE RID (an Indian brand) (in the international market known as Flamark Products), patented in Japan. This self-activated fire extinguisher was invented by a Japanese chemical expert after 15 years of research and development from 1938 to 1953. The concept of technological breakthrough came about when the inventor encountered a major fire caused by a major earthquake in Tokyo. A large number of lives were lost, and valuable properties were burned to the ground by the relentless Fire that failed to succumb to conventional Fire Fighting methods. This bitter experience sparked a great desire to develop a new extinguisher that can be used easily to extinguish small fires.

REMEMBER that no place is safe from Fire, whether a cinema hall, restaurant, hotel, parliament house, Vidhan Bhavan, make-in-India event, residential, offices, warehouses, banks and financial institutions, industries, school, mall, railway compartment, and forest. It is already late when Fire Brigade reaches a fireplace. Therefore, efficient fire extinguisher is a need of the hour to protect our families and business from fire disasters to happen.

Automatic Activation

This top-of-the-range fire extinguisher has distinct features like automatic fire activation. This means that whether or not you are present in case of a fire breakout, FireRID detects a fire due to the temperature rise. It instantly bursts open dispersing the liquid and inhibits the fire.

10 Years Warranty

FireRID provides its customers with a 10-year warranty so they do not have to worry about investing their hard-earned money in a fire extinguisher without reaping any benefits.

No Maintenance

FireRID extinguisher does not require any kind of maintenance. The extinguisher retains its quality over the years, so customers can stay stress-free and install it without hassle. All these amazing benefits make FireRID a must-have fire extinguisher on your premises.