Common Causes Of Fire In Commercial Kitchen and How To Prevent Them

Fire can go off anywhere. When said anywhere, commercial kitchens are also a part of them. Well, the kitchen has so many fire hazards that have the ability to escalate if not looked after properly. Be it a restaurant, a home kitchen, or any setting. There are dangerous flames, cooking oils, and electrical types of equipment like fridges, gas, freezers. A kitchen has the potential to break a number of hazardous fires. Hence, it is extremely crucial to install a wet chemical fire extinguisher. Here, we will be looking into some causes of fires in a commercial kitchen and how we should prevent them. 

1. Electrical Gadgets 

Like we just mentioned, the kitchen has fridges, freezers, and many electrical appliances. In this case, these gadgets are present not only in the kitchen but in every building, in every industry. One small mistake in the gadget and the spark goes out. This can be too dangerous. 

Prevention: If you want to avoid electrical fires, you need to conduct portable appliance testing. Here, an expert will check the gadget thoroughly and determine it. Installing a wet chemical extinguisher is a safe escape as well. 

2. Smoking

Smoking on-site and near the kitchen must be prevented. There are many risks related to smoking. A tilt cigarette has the capacity to light up the whole kitchen and burn many materials. 

Prevention: A smoking alarm is the right choice. They must be installed in every room and a “no smoking” sign for all the guests. If anyone flouts the rules, the detector will give a swift response. 

3. Confusing Exit Routes 

It is noticed that this is a very common cause of fire going out. People need to understand that clear and easy exit units are vital for the protection of any property. People need to leave the property and not panic in case of fire going out. 

Prevention: Make sure that the exit routes are not confusing at all. Also, be certain to keep the waste materials at a designated safe place. Dustbins must be emptied at a regular interval. 

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