What are the 5 Most Common Causes of Electrical Fire?

Electrical fires take an immense toll on businesses and consumers alike. Businesses lose millions in revenue, and consumers experience physical and emotional trauma due to electrical fires. Every community member must understand what caused and can help prevent these disasters.

This blog will help you understand the five most common causes of an electrical fire so that you can prevent them from happening.

  1. Multi-Outlet Power Strips

Multi-outlet power strips with surge protectors are a fire hazard. These can become the ignition source for your electrical fire if used incorrectly. Although some manufacturers of these devices advise that they should not be used in wet conditions, it is never recommended to use them anywhere near water. Instead, they should be used in dry areas to prevent possible damage in case of fire.

  1. Electrical Wiring 

Electrical wiring can cause many types of fires as well. Most wires and cables conduct electricity when wet and exposed to heat, leading to severe electrical fires. It's essential to use wiring and fully insulated cables and be covered with a non-conductive material. Ensure that all wires are correctly connected, without any loose or hanging ends that could cause the arcing or sparking of exposed wires and cables.

  1. Extension Cords

Extension cords can cause fire hazards if mishandled. Make sure to use them correctly to prevent damage to the outlets or the devices you are using. Extension cords should have enough slack to not restrict airflow in the area where they are in use, which could lead to overheating of the extension cord and cause a fire hazard.

  1. Overloaded Outlets

Overloading the power outlets with too many plugs and appliances can lead to the wires and electrical components of the outlets getting overloaded and heated to dangerous levels. Make sure that you use only one or two devices on each electrical outlet to prevent fires from happening.

  1. Overheating of a Device

If you are using a device that has overheated, turn it off immediately. If the device is still hot, do not try to reach into it to unplug it, resulting in burns. This is not safe either, so do not use multi-outlet extension cords with overloading devices.

When you are using electrical equipment in your home or business, be sure to follow proper safety rules and guidelines to prevent fires from happening. As a consumer, you can help prevent electrical fires by reporting faulty wiring or devices as soon as possible to the appropriate authorities. 

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