Water type fire extinguishers – When and where to use them?

Fire is considered to be a source of great power. However, at the wrong place and at the wrong time, uncontrolled fire can cause severe harm and destruction. Fires have a way of igniting unpredictability. The speed at which they spread is frightening. Putting out fires is no easy task. In such cases having a fire extinguisher handy can mark the difference between a small fire and complete destruction. 

Fire extinguishers are often handy and portable. The most basic and commonly found is the water-type fire extinguisher. This is often used to douse Class A,B fires.

Research suggests that most residential fires (Type A and B) have surprisingly common reasons – 

  • Cooking fires
  • Electrical faults
  • Overheated appliances
  • Smoking
  • Candles 

These are mostly residential fires or what comes under Type A fires. Essentially, these are fires caused by commonly found flammable material in our homes/shops. Wood, paper, trash, plastics, fabrics, etc. are some common causes of Type A fires. Liquids, on the other hand, fall under type B fires. These are usually oils, alcohol, fuel etc. 

A water-type fire extinguisher is used to stop mainly Class A fires along with small-scale Class B fires. There are two types of water-based extinguishers-

  1. Water(Gas cartridge) type extinguisher
  2. Water(Stored Pressure) extinguisher

When and where can we use water-type fire extinguishers?

The uses of water-based fire extinguishers differ according to their size. 

  • 9-liter water-type fire extinguisher

This is one of the most commonly used fire extinguishers. It is found in offices, restaurants, and public spaces as they always need to be covered for Type A fires. 

  • 6-liter water-type fire extinguisher

This is a little bit lighter, and that makes it easier to handle. They also help tackle most Type A fires. They are easy to refill, cheaper, and are used in office spaces, venues, and other public places.

  • 3-liter water-based fire extinguisher

This size of water-type fire extinguisher has come up recently. It is the easiest to handle and quite portable. This Type of extinguisher is used in homes, cabins, and smaller spaces. 

  • Water-based fire extinguisher with additives.

It is important to note that plain water-based extinguishers are not adequate for fires caused by liquids or electrical. In the case of faulty wiring, water may end up acting as a conduit. To end the conductivity of water, there are additives used, and these extinguishers should be used for electrical fires. 

In the case of liquid fires 9 (class B), water-based fire extinguishers prove futile.

A water-type fire extinguisher is the most basic and easy-to-use fire extinguisher. They are also refillable and cheaper than any other variety. 

Automatic Activation

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