Types of Extinguishers that Should Not be Used in Limited Spaces

In industrial locations, confined or limited spaces can lead to a serious fire or explosion risk. Usually, this happens because there are flammable materials that are present in an enclosed area. This can lead to a minor spark of ignition to a devastating detonation. At such times, ideally, you will try and reach out for a fire extinguisher nearby. But, it is very crucial to know the type of extinguisher you are using. The wrong choice might put you at a greater risk. For instance, a fire extinguisher for electrical fire cannot be used in such conditions. 

Below, we have mentioned a list of types of extinguishers that are not to be used in limited spaces. Give this article a read and stay safe.

1. Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

These aren’t as deadly as CO2 fire extinguishers but are not to be used in limited spaces as they lead to safety concerns. One of the primary concerns can be inhaling the powder. On the other hand, it is not very ideal to use this extinguisher as it will reduce visibility in a confined area. Not a great combo after all! 

2. Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

This is a fire extinguisher for electrical fire and is considered the worst to be used in confined spaces. If there is a sudden increase in the CO2 levels along with the consequential displacement of oxygen, it will be even harder to breathe. This will lead to asphyxiation for everyone who is trapped in the area. This type can be a deadly extinguisher. It can also cause visibility issues as the CO2 is replaced with oxygen in the air. 

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3. Halon Fire Extinguishers 

Halon fire extinguishers are likely to emit ozone gases which have the capacity to damage the environment. They are also harmful if used in a limited space. 

Now that you are aware of what fire extinguishers are NOT to be used, you ought to know which ones are suitable for the same. A water extinguisher or a foam extinguisher is ideal to be used in a confined space.

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