How to avoid a fire breakout at home?

Our home is a place which is very dear to us, right? We wouldn’t want anything to happen to it, not in a million years. It is a place where you build memories and bonds. This is why it is very crucial to keep this sacred place safe at all times. Have you ever imagined how scary it must get when a house is set on fire? The experience is tragic. Although you cannot control what happens, you can always be extra careful with your home and make sure you have equipment that would get the fire in control. If you aren’t sure how to go about it, we have some tips that will help you avoid a fire break out at your home. 

One of the major tips is to have a fire extinguisher at home. These are your defense weapons. A handy extinguisher will come through at all times. Fire extinguisher prices in India are quite affordable. You can have a word with your fire extinguisher supplier and get it installed ASAP. 

1. Test smoke alarms regularly 

    There is a little button on the top of the smoke alarm. You just need to press it to check. If at all it makes a weak sound, you need to get the batteries changed. 

    2. Check all the heating sources

      If these aren’t checked properly, it might trigger a fire. Make sure that the air filters are cleaned out at all times. Hire a professional to get the sources checked.

      3. Keep the stove and oven clean 

        You might leave some food particles in the oven while baking something. This may result in a fire. The same goes for the stove. Make sure you clean them after your use.

        4. Check your dryer 

          We understand that you might be in a hurry, but please make sure to clean the lint trap every time you are done using your washing machine. You will also want to check the behinds of the machine to see if anything is stuck there that might lead to a fire.

          5. Careful with your fireplace 

          Make sure that you have a door between your fireplace and the flooring. This goes without saying but make sure you have given the ashes enough time to cool down before you throw them away. 

          Is there anything that is more devastating than losing your precious house in a fire breakout? No! You owe it to yourself to protect this place, don’t you? Hence, make sure you are following all the tips so that you prevent a fire breakout. You can google “fire extinguisher price” and you will have a ton of weapons of different ranges in front of you. Stay safe!

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