Fire Extinguisher Types and Where to Use Them

Fire extinguishers play a very important role in our life. It is vital to install fire extinguishers at our workplaces, houses, factories, and schools. In short, everywhere. Your fire extinguisher supplier must provide you with the best and suitable extinguisher as per your requirement. 

There are various types of extinguishers and they can’t be used in one place only. Similarly, there are different types of fires as well. To ensure your safety, you need to make sure that the right type of extinguisher has been installed. For this, we have mentioned some fire extinguishers and where they can be used in detail. Read on to know more! 

1. Powder Fire Extinguisher

It is a multi-purpose extinguisher and has many advantages. It is one of the most common extinguishers today. It sprays a very fine chemical powder composed of monoammonium phosphate. This will get rid of the fire by suffocating it. 

Uses: Can be used for combustible solid materials like wood and paper, liquid or gas, and energized electrical fires as well. 

2. Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

It is one of the cleanest types of fire extinguishers that leaves no residue behind and also requires no cleanup. Just as the name says, this extinguisher does exactly that- extinguishes CO2. It takes out the oxygen from the fire. 

Uses: It can be used on flammable liquids, gases, and electrical fires as well. 

3. Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

These types of extinguishers have a solution that is composed of potassium. This effectively launches two-pronged assaults on fire. The liquid mist will cool down the fire. FireRID offers affordable and good-quality wet chemical fire extinguishers that guarantee you maximum protection at all times. You will find wet chemical fire extinguishers at FireRID, which is a trustworthy fire extinguisher supplier, at a very reasonable price.

Uses: These types of extinguishers are used in All type fires as well as used on cooking fires, animal or vegetable oils, or fats oil as well.

4. Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

These work on most of the fire types. It uses the newest technologies as well. Water mist fire extinguishers have microscopic water molecules. This helps to fight the fire on a variety of levels. Because of the water that is released from the extinguisher, the oxygen in the air is decreased. This helps to suffocate the fire. 

Uses: These extinguishers can be used to get rid of the fires on wood, paper, liquid, gas, electrical fires, and cooking fires. 

These were some of the fire extinguishers and their uses. It is crucial to know everything about the extinguisher that you are using. If you want good-quality fire extinguishers, make sure to check out FireRID. You can also look up “fire extinguisher supplier near me” as well. The price of a fire extinguisher in Mumbai is quite affordable. Hence, you need not worry about that. Get your hands on the best fire extinguisher today!
Automatic Activation

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