Causes of Electrical Fire and How to treat it

Electrical fires are among the common accidents that occur in the majority of households leading to damage of property and loss of lives. If you know what can cause a fire, it is obvious that you will keep everything in check to avoid it. Hence, it is important to understand the prevalent causes of an electrical fire and work towards ensuring that your house is safe from such mishaps.

We have mentioned some of the most usual causes of an electrical fire below, so make sure you read the list and check your house for any signs.

  1. Faulty Electrical Appliances

One of the most frequent causes of an electrical fire is having faulty electrical appliances at home. If you have an appliance that has its cords worn out, then it is time to get that one out of the house before it results in fire. Worn-out cords can transfer heat to curtains and rugs that can start a fire.

  1. Wiring

The wiring in your house should have the capacity to bear the load of all the electrical appliances that are used. This includes computers, microwave ovens, televisions, air conditioners and other such items. If the wiring does not have enough capacity, the circuit can get overloaded leading to a house fire.

  1. House Lightings

Be mindful before installing light fixtures at home. Make sure your lamp can handle the wattage of your bulb. Another mistake to avoid is keeping paper or cloth over the lampshade or close to it. This can lead to the ignition of a fire.  

Treating an Electrical Fire

In case an electrical fire breaks out at your home, here are a few tips that will help you put it out the earliest.

  • Reach out to the appliance or electricity outlet that has caused the fire and unplug it only if it is possible in the situation
  • Never use water to put out an electrical fire as it will only lead to igniting the fire even more
  • Have the best type of fire extinguisher for electrical fires installed at home. This will ensure you stay safe and act quickly when a fire breaks out
  • In a situation where you cannot control the fire, evacuate the room and leave it shut to avoid the spread of the fire

The above-mentioned causes and tips to put out an electrical fire will help you be ready when such a distressing situation arises. Make sure you have an automatic fire extinguisher for electrical fire available at home so the fire can be controlled instantly and not lead to major destruction of property or harm anyone. 

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