Best Type of Fire Extinguisher for Electrical Fire


Any safety plan for fire must include knowledge of the different types of fires, especially in business settings where fires involving electricity, chemicals, or flammable liquids might happen. Electrical fires, often known as Class C fires, require special fire extinguishers for electrical fires. When dealing with a Class C fire, additional safety measures must be followed. The safety of your residential and commercial properties must comprehend the characteristics of Class C fires and how to prevent and put them out.

Meaning of Class C Fires

Best Type of Fire Extinguisher for Electrical Fire


An electrically energized fire is a class C fire. In this context, the term “energized” refers to the presence of a power source. Short circuits, defective wiring, damaged power cords, and overcharged electronics are some of the possible causes of this type of fire. A Class C fire could start where there is electrical equipment.

Class C fires cannot be extinguished by water or water-based foams because they cannot quell the ongoing electrical ignition source. The person trying to extinguish a fire with water may get an electrical shock. Therefore, applying water to a Class C fire may cause the electricity to spread, igniting the fire from a different source.

To distinguish fire from A or B Class fires, fire is called Class C. Class A fires are those that burn fuel like fire or wood and can be put out with water, whereas liquids like petrol, etc, cause Class B fires.

How to Extinguish a Class C Fire?

If the substance in flames is separated from the primary power source, an electrical fire could develop into a normal fire. It is not safe or practical to do this, and there are situations when it’s not evident if an item has been completely disconnected from its power supply. An electrical fire still connected to an electrical source can become dangerous and even lethal if water is used to put it out. The best fire extinguisher for electrical fires must be used in such situations to avoid any risk.

For complete fire safety, owning a fire extinguisher specially designed for electrical fires and understanding how to use it is crucial. Unfortunately, the only kind of extinguisher suited for dousing a fire still attached to electric power is a Class C extinguisher.

Fire Suppression Equipment for Electrical Fire

An electrical fire necessitates using an extinguisher that can disintegrate a fire's fuel, oxygen, and heat sources. Extinguishers that use carbon dioxide (CO2) smother a fire by removing the oxygen. They also reduce the heat of the fire because of the low temperature of their discharge. Dry extinguishers function similarly to separate the components of a fire. When this extinguisher releases the chemicals, it prevents the oxygen and fuel from interacting any longer, and the fire extinguishers. 

All types of fire extinguishers must be used correctly to put out a fire. Regularly reviewing the instructions for fire extinguishers will ensure that you know how to use them effectively in the event of a fire. Test it occasionally to guarantee that your fire extinguisher is in good working order.

Class C Fire Prevention

Prevention is the finest fire-fighting tactic. Ensure your appliances, electrical equipment, and wiring are always up to code and in good operating order to prevent Class C fires. Don’t overcharge electrical gadgets or overload outlets. Even in well-maintained places, fires can still occur.

Keep a modern fire extinguisher made exclusively for extinguishing electrical fires next to any location where an electrical fire can start. Learn how to use your fire extinguisher so that you will be completely equipped in the case of a Class C fire. Always seek advice from the local fire department on the appropriate safety measures for your structure.

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